Por Enrique


Mucho se ha hablado de este libro, el cual ha sido ampliamente promovido como una aventura intelectual, como el libro a recomendar cuando una persona no puede vivir con sí misma, cuando la depresión lo toma a uno desprevenido. Sin embargo este libro, por una razón u otra, es el peor que hemos leído desde la creación del grupo de lectura.

Que no se me malentienda, algunos miembros del grupo lo consideraban una obra maestra que superaba y por mucho a otros libros como Cien Años de Soledad o a Cometas en el Cielo. Ellos están equivocados, esta autora nos trata de deslumbrar con el manejo del idioma, nos hace leer capítulos que no dicen nada, nos habla de cómo la gente trata de ocultar lo que realmente son, cuando no existe la necesidad de hacerse pasar por imbécil si no lo eres. Escribí una crítica en inglés y aquí la copio:

Forcefully intellectualizing mundane themes doesn’t make a good read

This book came to me highly recommended. People said that it discussed philosophy, that the characters were interesting and the prose beautiful. I had to read it because I belong to a book club. If it wasn’t for that reason, I would have left it unread.
First of all stringing together complex words without making sure that they belong in the narrative, doesn’t mean that you have a gift for writing. I understand that the book may be interesting for some people, but I am surprised that no one criticizes the fact that the author uses so many adjectives when they are not necessary. Another reviewer that gave it a 1 mentioned the musicality. I agree with him/her. The sentences feel forced, the reading is constantly interrupted by the strange out of place words and there are chapters that don’t move the story at all, complete chapters like that.
Furthermore, the issue of the admiration for other cultures was very bizarre. She admires Japanese women because of the way they walk in small steps? Am I crazy to think there is something missing here? The other thing is that the problem of stereotyping entire ethnic groups gets old in the positive and the negative.
Finally, the philosophical angle that others seemed to find is completely lost on me. I hope others find it better. Me? I think it was a big waste of my time, now I can go back to reading Christopher Moore’s “Fool”.

Le doy un 5.5 y no lo recomiendo, deja mucho que desear